W2/2017: Introduction to Mapping and Spatial Methods for the Humanities


May 17 and 18, 11:00 AM – 01:00 PM, MRT0036 (University of Ottawa, 65 University Private)

Most things happen somewhere, and mapping can be an effective technique for exploring, analysing, and presenting many types of data. This interactive workshop is designed for researchers who are interested in adding a spatial dimension to their research.

In this two part workshop, participants will be introduced to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) techniques from a humanist’s perspective. Starting from primary sources, participants will learn how to extract spatial “clues” from many types of primary sources, create GIS-friendly data, transform addresses and place names into coordinates and web maps, use georeferencing techniques to bring digitized historical maps into GIS software, and learn about online exhibit-building tools that incorporate spatial data.

Instructor: Sarah Simpkin, Morriset Library (University of Ottawa)

Photo featured on home page: Kris Krüg: www.staticphotography.com

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