Research Labs

Innovative spaces for research and creation in the arts and humanities

The Faculty of Arts is home to a number of Labs and Research Spaces dedicated to advancing research in the humanities and the fine arts. Researchers using these spaces are working collaboratively with colleagues across the campus and the country to develop new digital methods of inquiry. These spaces have the potential to develop, in the coming years, into an interconnected hub of research and creation.

Located in the School of Music, the EspaceCreatif/CreatorSpace is a multidisciplinary meeting and creating space, with specialized software and hardware for audio and multimedia production. Graduate student ambassadors that work and research in the space offer individualized tutorials on the range of music-writing and audio production software, as well as workshops on these tools and the electronic instrument collection. One of the recent ambassadors had even developed a series of workshops on digital composition. Over the last three years, the CreatorSpace has become known across campus as a hub of digital scholarship and a meeting place for students and researchers to share and learn about cutting-edge technologies. In addition to their own activities, the CreatorSpace hosts events for the Digital Humanities sector.

LabO is a “black box” theatre space featuring state of the art technical equipment which has been utilized for various activities including rehearsals, performances, and teaching since its inception in the Fall of 2018.

Laboratoire de donnée science humaines numeriques/The Humanities Data Lab is home to a number of digital humanities projects, this CFI-funded lab, specializes in scaling humanities knowledge through linked data. It houses meeting space, workstations with specialized software, and a visualization suite, with high-performance computing provided by Compute Canada.

Organized around the idea of the makerspace, the Atelier CoFab | Arts Makerspace has multiple 3D printers, as well as an electronics and computer lab. The lab gives scholars and students space to experiment with cutting edge technologies either in class, on their own time or as part of structured workshops and research projects.

The ScholComm Lab is an interdisciplinary team of researchers based in Vancouver and Ottawa, interested in all aspects of scholarly communication, with especial expertise in data science and open data.