DH Toolbox: Fall 2021

The DH Toolbox workshops are a series of hands-on sessions introducing cutting edge tools and techniques in the digital humanities. The series was started by University of Ottawa Library, and organised by the DH Coordinator for the last two years.

One of the most popular outreach events in digital humanities on campus, it has drawn participants from Arts, Medicine, Engineering, the University of Ottawa and St. Pauls Libraries, Libraries and Archives Canada, and Ingenium.


Whether working with musical scores and poetry, engagement with visual arts, or museum and archival collections, issues related to discovery and access – of resources and project tasks – are critical to project development and management. This semester, we’ll learn about different research processes from researchers, archivists, and curators here in the National Capital region, and get a tour of their processes when working toward discoverability and accessibility. We’ll cap of the semester with a presentation by Dr. Jennifer Guiliano from Indiana University about project management – from individual to collaborative projects.

Join us virtually for a series of workshops on discovery, access, and management!

6 October: Discovering Christina Rossetti in Music

Dr. Mary Arseneau (English, uOttawa) and Roxanne Lafleur (uOttawa Library)

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The Christina Rossetti in Music project began five years ago, with the goal of identifying and cataloguing all known musical settings of texts by Pre-Raphaelite poet, Christina Georgina Rossetti, and thereby laying the foundation for a new line of inquiry in Rossetti studies. Dr. Mary Arseneau and Roxanne Lafleur will discuss the evolution of the project, some surprising discoveries, and how this unique online archive is changing how we interpret the work of this Victorian female poet.

20 October: Translating Visual Arts into Tactile and Multisensory Mediation Tools

Patricia Bérubé (Institute of Comparative Studies in Literature, Art & Culture, Carleton University)

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As the number of vision-impaired and bind individuals in the world is set to triple by 2050, it is even more important to investigate the contribution of intersensoriality in the understanding and appreciation of visual arts, such as drawings or paintings.

In this session, you will learn more about ongoing interdisciplinary research which aims to answer the following questions: Can colours translate be conveyed through a tactile experience? What is lost when tactile experiences of original visual works are not possible? Who else could benefit from a multimodal experience of art in gallery contexts?

3 November: From Analogue Woes to Digital Successes: Transforming the Archives of the National Arts Centre

Robert VanderBerg (Archivist-Curator, National Arts Centre)

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The archives at the National Arts Centre are something of a gold mine. The collection is full of rare objects, including costumes worn by the country’s most important actors, stage design maquettes by the top designers, and photos of world renown artists. Up to a few years ago, the collection was entirely analogue and access to it was onsite only. In this DH Toolbox session, Robert VanderBerg will discuss how recent digital collaborations with the University of Ottawa and Carleton University have enabled the NAC to expand beyond its walls by pushing the boundaries of classroom engagement and new technologies.

17 November: GLAM does DAM: Ingenium’s Experience with Digital Asset Management

Kristy von Moos, Fiona Smith Hale, Erica Vanden Bosch, Adele Torrance (Ingenium)

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How does Ingenium – Canada’s Museums of Science and Innovation use DAM to support the work of three museums, two historical archives, and a crown corporation? In this instalment of the DH Toolbox workshop series, Kristy von Moos, Fiona Smith Hale, Erica Vanden Bosch, and Adele Torrance will share the what, why, and how of this work, and then deliver hands-on exercises to give participants a window into the work they do.

1 December: Managing Yourself and Managing Others: How Project Development can Save Your Sanity

Dr. Jennifer Guiliano (History, Indiana University)

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In the final DH Toolbox session of the semester, we’ll discuss project management through the lens of managing your own project and managing projects collaboratively. Exploring resources from devdh.org, Dr. Jennifer Guiliano will share strategies for organizing your project, developing collaborations, and managing your daily and long-term project goals.