Lecture series

Digital Humanities Lecture Series is organized by the DH Coordinator and the CRC in digital humanities. The series hosts guest speakers on the theme of theoretical and methodological issues of research in field.  As of 2019 the series has been offered in partnership with Centre de recherche interuniversitaire sur les humanités numériques (CRIHN) in Montreal, and the ThincLab in Guelph.

Past guest speakers include:

  • Jennifer Guiliano (IUPU)- Indigeneity & the Digital Humanities
  • Sabine Loudcher (Lyon 2)- Quelle recherche en informatique dans les Humanités Numériques?
  • James Lee (uCincinnati )- Mapping a Global Renaissance with 53,829 Texts
  • Geoffrey Rockwell (uAlberta)- Communities of Words: Categories, Lists, and Text Analysis
  • Ariel Beaujot (Western)- The Fight to Take Down “The Big Indian”: Digital Humanities and its use in social justice work
  • Cecily Raynor (McGill)- Decolonizing the Digital: Cultures of Connectivity in the Latin American Web
  • Shawn Graham (Carleton)- They Sell What? Studying the Trade in Human Remains on Social Media
  • Laura Mandell (Texas A&M) – Nourishing and Sustaining a Scholarly Infrastructure Built from the Ground Up
  • Alan Liu (UC Santa Barbara)- What Infrastructure Assumes: Digital Humanities and Critical Infrastructure Studies