W9/2017: Introduction to Python ACT-R Agents

This workshop will explore how to use realistic simulated agents in the Digital Humanities. By realistic, I mean agents that think, feel, and perceive like humans. To do this we will use Python ACT-R to create the agents. ACT-R is a cognitive architecture with hundreds of psychological studies demonstrating it is a realistic model of human cognition. Python ACT-R is a system for creating ACT-R agents and environments for them to interact in. The system is free and easy to use, and no prior knowledge of programming is required. The workshop will explore the use of ACT-R agents to create better non-player video game characters, better intelligent assistants, and writing tools for character development. Participants can expect to acquire a basic working knowledge of how to use Python ACT-R for these types of projects.

Register for this workshop here

Instructor: Rob West (Carleton University)

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