At DHSITE 2019 we benefitted from the expertise of leaders in digital research and creation (listed below) and DHSITE 2020 will be no different! Stay tuned for our lineup of instructors, which will be announced in February 2020!

Julian Bertino, instructor of Digital Composition

Julian Bertino

Digital Composition

Julian Bertino holds a a Master of Music degree in guitar performance from the University of Ottawa, where he is currently completing a Master of Arts in Composition. He has been assisting with the CreatorSpace since its beginning and has experience with almost all of the software and hardware. He composes, performed and DJs both electronic and electroacoustic music, and teaching courses on music technology and digital composition at the University of Ottawa. In April 2018, he premiered his own composition, HeadSpaces, which he wrote for 10-string guitar and Ableton Live on his final recital.

Prasadith Buddhitha

Social Media Analysis

Prasadith Buddhitha is currently pursuing his Doctoral degree in Electronic Business at the University of Ottawa under Prof. Diana Inkpen’s supervision. His research interests are in the area of Natural Language Processing, data mining, and machine learning. His research uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing techniques applied to social media platforms. He was also involved in building research prototypes for churn prediction and uplift modeling.

Constance Crompton

Text Encoding

Constance Crompton is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Ottawa, where she holds a Canada Research Chair in Digital Humanities. She has taught TEI-XML workshops at universities across Canada and the United States, and is delighted to bring TEI-XML workshop to uOttawa.  She has worked and consulted on a number of TEI-XML projects; her latest, Lesbian and Gay Liberation in Canada, which she co-directs with Michelle Schwartz (Ryerson University), is online at She serves as an associate director of the Digital Humanities Summer Institute and as vice-president (English) of the Canadian Society for Digital Humanities / Société canadienne des humanités numériques.

Catie Sahadath, instructor of linked Open Data

Catie Sahadath

Linked Open Dat

Catie Sahadath is a Canadian leader in the Linked Open Data community, who currently sits on the Canadian Committee for Metadata, and who has previously served as a committee member for the Canadiana Héritage Linked Open Data implementation. This, coupled with her extensive background in technical instruction, make her the ideal leader for the Linked Open Data workshops.

Jarno van der Kolk, instructor of data visualisation workshop

Jarno van der Kolk

Data Visualisation

Jarno van der Kolk is originally from the Netherlands where he did his Bachelor of Physics at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. He then moved to Germany to do his masters in theoretical and mathematical physics at the Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität in Munich. Afterwards he completed his PhD in computational nanophotonics at the University of Ottawa where he also did a Post-Doc for almost a year and maintained the group’s cluster computer. He joined IT Solutions at the university where he uses his skills researcher and IT specialist to aid his fellow researchers in finding and using the various computational resources available throughout Canada.

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