W8/2017: Game Studies for Digital Humanists

Through lecture, discussion, and hands-on activities, this workshop offers a critical introduction to the study of games and game development. Discussions will analyze games as both a cultural object and a potential tool for humanities research. Games provide an environment for unique learning experiences that engage players in ways not possible in other media. This workshop will consider how narrative, mechanics, and simulation create a space for engaging players in critical thought. Participants will play and consider a selection of short  games that exemplify the use of games as critical works, and also have the opportunity to apply this knowledge to create a functional game prototype using free, user-friendly software. No gaming or coding experience necessary!

Instructor: Sarah Thorne (Carleton University)

W7/2017: Introduction to Twitter Bots: Making and Deploying Bots to Amuse, Confuse, and Toil

There are many species of bot inhabiting twitter. To push the ecological metaphor further, they all fill various niches. Some are good, and some are evil. In this workshop, we’ll examine a number of different bots and consider the uses and abuses to which they have been put. If you’ve always wondered what that whole ‘_ebooks’ thing was about, all will be revealed. We will build and deploy bots of whimsy, and activist bots. Bots that respond, and bots that create. We’ll look at protest bots, and bots that exist just to inspire joy.

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Instructor: Shawn Graham (Carleton University)

W6/2017: Introduction to Digital Pedagogy

In recent years, DH scholars have turned their attention towards the undergraduate classroom and begun evaluating how DH methods, practices, and principles may be applied in teaching.In the wake of this pedagogical turn, will introduce both theoretical and practical approaches to digital pedagogy, including the examination and implementation of diverse pedagogical models in DH. Models such as the digital native, the apprentice-research assistant, and the scholar-citizen drive the course’s practical discussions of syllabus and assignment creation; learning inside and outside of the classroom; and the power and politics of the DH classroom.

Instructor: Emily Murphy (Queen’s University)

W10: Introduction to Video Editing in the 21st Century and Beyond

Friday, May 19, 12:00 PM-4:30 PM.  Carleton University, Southam Hall 617

The workshop will give participants a basic introduction to video editing with Final Cut Pro X on Mac OSX. It will walk through the step by step process of taking a raw video interview along with a script, “B-roll” footage, photos and music to create a cohesive, polished segment. Each group will have their own workstation and will be able to learn by doing by following along throughout the process. Each step of the editing process will be guided with plenty of time for trial and error experimentation. 

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Instructor:  Hasi Eldib (Carleton University)

DHSITE2017 Instructor: Emily Murphy (Queen’s University)

EmilyMurphyEmily Christina Murphy is a doctoral candidate and Teaching Fellow in the Department of English at Queen’s University, Canada. She has taught introductory DH courses across the DH Training Network in addition to the British Library Staff Training Programme and the undergraduate Field School in Digital Humanities at the Bader International Study Centre, Herstmonceux Castle. She is co-editor, with Dr. Shannon Smith, of a special issue of Digital Humanities Quarterly entitled, “Imagining the DH Undergraduate.”

Course taught at DHSITE2017: Introduction to Digital Pedagogy

DHSITE2017 Instructor: Jay Irizawa (Ryerson University)

IrizawaJay Irizawa is an interdisciplinary designer and educator. His design practice explores the un-boundaries of digital/physical space as a medium and interface, focusing research on projects as a practitioner of environment design and as a part-time lecturer in the School of Interior Design at Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada.


Course taught at DHSITE2017: Creative Data: New Media Interdisciplinary Design